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Stephanie B. Nelson, Co-Founder

With more than 20 years in the information technology industry as both practitioner and strategist, Stephanie has helped drive small business and enterprise to increase operation efficiency in performance, process and service quality leveraging "make sense" technology and continuous improvement strategy. 


Having helped more than 50 small businesses and 10 major corporations over the course of her career, she has helped to reduce operational inefficiencies, increase data transparency, and create a change ready culture that resulted in more productive organizations. 


In 2015, she developed a cutting edge technical 3 phase solution to enable organizations to move through implementation and change seamlessly. 


Her clients have coined her the "metrics guru"; it has afforded the company opportunities to work with some of the top banks, tech companies, government agencies and utility companies in the U.S. 


As an author, podcast host, expert speaker, and founder she has recently been afforded the opportunity to open her first international office in Nigeria which will serve the continent of Africa.

Eghosa Igbinoba, Co-Founder

Eghosa Igbinoba is Chief Operations Officer for Nelson Legacy Enterprises, LTD Nigeria. Mr. Igbinoba is responsible for managing Travel & Invest Africa, Naija Yummyz Soul Kitchen, Saint Alice City Legacy Soursop Tea, and Legacy Farm Nigeria. His breadth of knowledge in agriculture,logistics, operations, finance, real estate and B2C made him the ideal candidate to run all operations for the Nelson Legacy Africa offices. 


He has owned and operated small businesses for more than 25 years; well connected in Lagos and Southern Nigeria markets. He is passionate about Nelson Legacy Nigeria's success. He continues to drive sales and operations across Africa. 

Dried Soursop Leaves

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Pure Soursop Leaf Powder

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Legacy Soursop Tea Bundle

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